Leveraging Movio’s advanced algorithms, automatically find the ideal audience segment for an upcoming film.
Madex is the film industry moviegoing audience exchange, connecting film studios, distributors and cinema exhibitors with the ideal moviegoers, everywhere. We enable studios and distributors to easily understand and connect with their audiences, optimising their digital media investment using moviegoer behaviour intelligence.

  • Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
  • Create meaningful connections throughout your campaign's lifecycles
  • Access box office conversion reporting on your seed audiences for validation
  • Commercialise your data with film studios and distributors at a price of your choosing
  • Provide secure and controlled access of audience segments that enable studios to create more effective campaigns to your database
  • Be in control of how your data can be used, during which release windows, via which channels, and at which price

Movio takes data protection compliance seriously and, in the interests of transparency, our Madex Service Privacy Notice provides details of the personal information that is used as part of the Madex Service, how that personal information is used, and who it is used by.

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